After years and years of being a PC user I finally caved and bought a MacBook Pro after my PC died suddenly back in March for no reason at all. I have actually been without a computer since then (I know – I don’t know how I did it either) and finally realized that I could not salvage my PC which made me realize that a MacBook was the way to go.

I know you’re probably wondering how it took me this long to start using a Mac but to be honest I grew up with PCs and that is what I was most comfortable with. I never saw the need to splurge and buy a Mac when my PC suited my laptop needs just fine. However, as I have become much more tech savvy and computer interested over the past year or so, I could not deny that a Mac was what I needed in my life.

Ask anyone I know and they will tell you that the amount of viruses I had on my PCs and the amount of issues I somehow managed to create on my PCs were insane and completely (yet accidentally) ended up ruining all of my past laptops. Fingers crossed that everyone is right in telling me that not only are Macs just overall better laptops in general but that they also do not get viruses!

I opened my new laptop literally 15 minutes ago and am so excited and obsessed already! I am finally in the future and couldn’t be happier about it!

Please feel free to share any MacBook Pro tips and tricks that I should know as I realize, and as I have been told by my boyfriend and all my friends, that there will be a slight learning curve with the PC to Mac switch and any help is more than welcome!

Time to go and catch up on all of the shows I have missed over these past 5 months… Speak to you soon!


5 thoughts on “I FINALLY GOT A MACBOOK PRO!!!!

  1. Congrats!
    I need to buy a smartphone while mine died for no apparent reason and can’t actually choose one for four months now! Incredible yeah. I wanna have this feeling of excitement too.
    Have fun! Good luck! šŸ™‚


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