My Love For Mascara

I looove makeup. Love it love it love it. I could talk about it all day. And I like all kinds of makeup – you name it and I’m obsessed with it. Product junkie 101. However the one product that really makes me feel pretty is mascara. I need mascara on a daily basis in order for me to leave the house and feel presentable to the outside world. Even if I am extremely rushed in the morning and barely have time to apply a stitch of makeup, the one product I must use (besides skin care products obviously but more about that later) is mascara. image I have decently long eye lashes but they are extremely fair as I am blonde and they literally cannot be seen unless I have mascara on which is why I always take the time to apply mascara even if I just slap a bit on and run out the door. To me, mascara makes me feel pretty and feminine and pulled together. For some girls its a red lip or a swipe of blush but for myself its always mascara. image It might have something to do with the fact that it was the first makeup product I was ever allowed to wear way back when I was 12 and therefore has been my obsession since day 1. I’ll never forget applying mascara for the first time and looking into the mirror to see eye lashes that I didn’t even know I had. I automatically felt pretty (well as pretty as you can feel at 12) and I think that that impression has always stuck with me since it was the first time I ever really realized the power of makeup – not only to one physical appearance but also to one’s self esteem as a whole. image My 12 year old girlfriends began to ask me what mascara I was wearing because my lashes looked so long and I began to realize that as girls we all want to look our best selves. We all want to know the beauty secrets that make other women look beautiful to us even if they themselves they don’t feel as beautiful as we see them. Being 12 years old and receiving those compliments from my girlfriends made me feel beautiful even though I didn’t even really know what it felt like to be beautiful. And ever since then,Β I have always been deeply in love with mascara. image What is the one product that always makes you feel pretty no matter what? XO Please note that all above images are from my Instagram account (@rchlwllms) πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “My Love For Mascara

  1. I love mascara too! The advantage is that it highlights my tiny eyes behind the glasses which I wear ☺ loveee eyeliners as being an Indian, kohl is as staple as rice in lunch!


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