New Makeup Brushes: Real Techniques Review

I finally got my hands on some Real Techniques makeup brushes and I could not be more thrilled! If you follow any beauty bloggers you will not be a stranger to these brushes as so many beauty gurus use them with flawless results.

Unfortunately I was never able to find them in Toronto until the other day when I happened to go to buy another one of my usual EcoTools brushes and saw a whole stock of Real Techniques makeup brushes right there in front of me. I actually think I gasped with excitement as I had been longing to try these brushes ๐Ÿ™‚


After I finally calmed down and talked myself out of buying them all, I settled on three brushes that I knew I would use daily and that I was dying to try. These brushes are:

Sculpting Brush
Blush Brush
Stippling Brush
Stippling Brush

The Sculpting Brush was definitely the one that I was most excited about because in the past I have always used brushes that were created for contouring but never really seemed to do as good of a job as promised. This brush however was amazing- the bristles were super soft yet firm enough that my cream contour stick (the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour) was able to be buffed out to my desired shade and angle. The angle of the brush was amazing as it fit perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks as well as being angled in such a way that buffing out any additional contours such as on my forehead and on my nose were fool proof.

The Blush Brush was also incredible as the shape of the brush made it so easy to sweep my desired powder brush along my cheekbones as it fit my cheekbone perfectly. The brush was not too big and not too small and it is easy to see why it is such a popular purchase as it seems to be the perfect size for any shaped face. It was easy to build up the blush on my face as the brush distributes the perfect amount of product evenly and in the targeted area as opposed to all over the face as some brushes do.

Last but not least the Stippling Brush was a pleasant surprise. I knew I would love it as I have seen multiple bloggers use it and rave about it. However as a loyal Beauty Blender user I was surprised to find that I actually like this so much better. Less mess (no water), less effort (great in the mornings before work) and I actually enjoyed using this as a makeup applicator better than using the BB. It provides such a flawless finish that was easy to build up if desired and blends my liquid foundation (Covergirl TruBlend in Classic Ivory) seamlessly and perfectly.

Overall I will absolutely continue to purchase these brushes over and over again and they are by far the best makeup brushes I have ever used. I have no complaints about any of these brushes and I am dying to try even more from the Real Techniques range. For any of my Canadian girls I was able to find these at Rexall for approximately $15.00 each.


7 thoughts on “New Makeup Brushes: Real Techniques Review

    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, I would. I love the Beauty Blender but the Stippling Brush provides much better and much more even coverage with less effort. I found with the Beauty Blender it took much longer to get the desired coverage I wanted which is especially never great when you’re in a rush.

      Plus, wetting the BB and then ensuring that it was just the right dampness before I used it on my face was always a bit of a hassle. Especially after I began to grow concerned that the dampness from the BB was affecting my moisturizer and sunscreen that I had already applied.

      Hope this was helpful!

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