Best Shampoo I’ve Ever Tried

I personally dislike my hair about 85% of the time- its super fine, flat, limp and really doesn’t do much. I am a natural dark blonde and get my hair highlighted about twice a year to make it lighter which works well since my hair doesn’t grow very quickly. Therefore my hair care routine isn’t super complicated because no matter what I do to it nothing really seems to help with my hair issues and my forever quest for voluminous hair.

Of course I have my standby products that do make my hair look as good as it possibly can (more on that later) but in terms of shampoo I use whatever says “volume” on the label and whatever smells good. A hair mask twice a week, some protective spray before I use heat along with some light oil for shine on the ends after I’m finished styling and I’m done.

However the other day I was at Winners just browsing the aisles and I spotted the cutest bottle of shampoo:


To be honest the packaging really caught my eye because, I mean, look how cute it is! Plus it’s not often you see Japanese beauty products in most department stores here which is quite unfortunate actually since I have always heard nothing but wonderful things about most Japanese beauty products. I also have a real problem saying “no” to any and all products on sale since I figure its the best time try them since I’m not paying full price so of course I purchased the shampoo.

And I have to be honest- I can’t read anything on the back of the bottle since its all in Japanese but the front says “Silky Smooth Care” which is made with “pure Japanese botanical essences formulated with red rice extract for enhanced smoothness” along with the “scent of dewy wild cherry blossoms in bloom”. I was sold.

And you know what? THIS IS THE BEST SHAMPOO I HAVE EVER TRIED. I know right? I couldn’t believe it either. It smells great, lathers beautifully and leaves my hair so silky and smooth (as promised) and so incredibly shiny too. Normally, especially since its so hot here in the summer, I fall asleep with wet hair and wake up with waves that I just enhance and adjust with a flat iron. Every single time I use this shampoo and fall asleep with wet hair, I wake up the next day and my waves are perfect. So perfect I barely have to do anything to my hair when I wake up besides a few very tiny tweaks.

On top of that my hair has more volume (FINALLY), isn’t weighed down and my waves stay for the whole next day. Normally they fall around midday but with this shampoo they stay as actual well formed waves like they were when I left the house that morning and stay that way until I arrive home that evening.


Once I realized how incredible this shampoo was for my hair I ended up Googling it and found several reviews all of which seem to agree that this shampoo really is amazing. I have no idea what makes it work so well with my hair but if you have fine, flat and limp hair I highly suggest you try this shampoo and I promise you’ll love it πŸ™‚

Now it’s time to track down the conditioner! Does anyone know where I can find it in Toronto? Perhaps Pacific Mall?


9 thoughts on “Best Shampoo I’ve Ever Tried

  1. I love your hair though! Such a gorgeous colour.
    I can’t believe I didn’t know you were in Toronto. I always wanted to go there!
    It’s on my bucket list

    Ohh n p.s. I’ve been interested in doing an interactional beauty swap, is that something you’d like to do with me? β™‘β™‘


  2. I often see this brand but haven’t tried it yet. I also sleep with my hair wet and always struggling with a messy hair in the morning. Thanks for sharing this! Just in time, my shampoo already ran out. I’ll give this a try.


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