Thursday Arm Candy

Happy Thursday all! It’s finally almost the weekend! 🙂

Therefore I thought why not post some fun arm candy to celebrate how close we are to freedom!


I got the large snake bracelet literally a million years ago and the amount of compliments I have received on it always amazes me. I am not really one for large, chunky pieces as I definitely prefer dainty, gold pieces but for whatever reason this caught my eye and I needed it. Even though my style has changed quite a bit and I don’t wear it much anymore, I still bust it out whenever I want to dress up a plain outfit especially since the neutral colours make it so easy to go with anything I am wearing.

The smaller gold bracelet is by Jenny Bird that I got a Toronto store called Zane which, for any Toronto girls, is located at 735 Queen Street West. I love this bracelet because even though it is small and delicate, it adds a unique touch to any outfit without being overbearing. Gold jewellery is always my preference which makes this bracelet fun to layer with my other gold bracelets and other gold pieces too. I love how delicate yet powerful the snake looks and I wear this bracelet nonstop throughout the year. You can find it here in both gold and silver: 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great day!


11 thoughts on “Thursday Arm Candy

  1. Omg!! I am a huge jewelry lover and these bracelets are AMAZING!!! Love them!!!!
    Most of the times I prefer delicate jewelry, too but some bigger pieces are so nice to wear! Statement pieces!

    I would really appreciate it if you could visit and maybe support my blog! Iam new but I try.Thank u in advance!


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