Toronto Picture Of The Week

Gooderham Building – 49 Wellington Street East

The Gooderham Building is one of Toronto’s most iconic buildings due its unusual shape as well as its interesting history. According to the Ontario Heritage Trust, the Gooderham Building, which is located just outside of Toronto’s Distillery District, is “associated with the Gooderham family – notably George Gooderham, eldest son of William Gooderham, the original founder of the successful distilling company. William Gooderham with his brother-in-law James Worts established a small distillery in 1837 to use surplus grain from their flour mill. In 1859, the firm of Gooderham and Worts constructed the largest distillery in Canada West and by 1875 accounted for the production of almost a third of Canada’s proof spirits.”

The Distillery District of Toronto is by far one of my favourite areas of the city as it is such a beautiful area with its brick streets and beautiful preserved historic buildings. You are immediately transported back into time while walking around here even though the area now is full of trendy shops, amazing restaurants and beautiful art galleries while still keeping the historical feel of the area. It is such a spectacular area to shop, dine or just walk around and check out the sights no matter what time of year it is as there are always events going on and activities to do. If you are ever visiting Toronto I highly recommend checking out the Distillery District 😀

Please note that the above picture is from my Instragram account @rchlwllms ❤


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