GlamGlow: THIRSTYCLEANSE™ Daily Hydrating Cleanser & Advice Needed

Hello everyone!

Last night during a pit stop at Sephora on my way home from work I picked up a mini bottle of the GlamGlow THIRSTYCLEANSE™ Daily Hydrating Cleanser in the aisle of doom while I was waiting in line to pay for my other products. I picked this little puppy up as my skin, for the first time in my entire life, is soooooo dry and the name of this cleanser sounded exactly like what my skin needed.


I used it this morning and LOVED it but I think it is too soon to tell if it has helped my skin yet. It smells amazing though and you pump out one or two squirts of the mud and then the mud gently turns into a foam when you wet your finger tips and rub the mud in a circular motion on your skin. After washing off the foam my skin felt very moisturized and plump so fingers crossed this product will save my skin because nothing else seems to have worked yet!

This cleanser is my first purchase from GlamGlow and so far I am very happy with it and am looking to purchase more products. Therefore, I wanted to get some advice regarding other GlamGlow products that I should try as I have heard amazing reviews regarding all of their products, particularly their masks and treatments, but I am not sure which products are the best to try first. Does anyone have any recommendations on which products I should try out? 😀


16 thoughts on “GlamGlow: THIRSTYCLEANSE™ Daily Hydrating Cleanser & Advice Needed

  1. I am also struggling with the driest skin in my life! I’ve found some relief with Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Oil. Was a little scared at first to put oil on my face but it was amazing the difference it made. Although right now I’m having a problem, however, that it is too much moisture but when I don’t use it my face is too dry again, sigh. Anyway, I’ve used the GlamGlow Super Thirsty Mask. I don’t think it helped me a ton, my skin was still dry during the day! Would love to hear about other things that you’ve had luck with to treat your dry skin.


    1. Oooo I LOVE her Argan Oil! I found it worked really well for my skin when it was dry and also really helped any breakouts I was having. What has worked best for me was the Avene Clean AC Cream which I posted about in July. It works sooooo well because its made for people that are on Acutane and get extremely dry skin because of it but also suffer from breakouts as well. It has completely fixed my dry skin and sometimes I even use it under the Argan Oil. I would for sure recommend this especially because it’s not too thick or oily. xx

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  2. How funny, I got taken in by the aisle of doom and bought three different minis at Sephora. The one I have tried and thought was great was I used it on my flight to Paris and my skin felt fantastic on arrival. I forgot to use it for the return and the difference was huge! Bond said that on arrival in Paris I looked like I hadn’t even travelled…the same could not be said for my arrival in Dubai! I will be looking at more of their products for sure and I am intrigued to hear what you think of your cleanser. Great post as ever! xxx


    1. Oh really?! Ahhh that sounds wonderful! I will for sure have to try that product next as I have been loving the cleanser very much after using it for just over a week now. And thank you so much! You always leave the best comments that I enjoy reading so much 😀 xx


      1. Aww thanks!! You made me smile with your lovely comment! Also I thought of you, I binge bought Caudalie for Bond’s mother and then felt that I ought to get something for myself…suffice to say we both LOVE the beauty elixir!! Thanks for the recommendation!! I hope you have a lovely day and thanks for making mine!! xxx


      2. Ahhh really?! That’s amazing! That makes me so happy I can’t even tell you! 😀 I’m so glad you both love it. Thank you for making MY day!! 😀 xx


  3. I’m looking for a replacement to my SK II facial treatment cleanser. I hope you can give an update about this cleanser. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!


      1. Sweet! Thanks! I love SK II! I’ve been using it for years and still using, but looking for something less expensive with same performance on my skin. $70 for a cleanser is really too much but I couldn’t find any cleanser better than that. It lasts me for 6-7 months though which isn’t bad.


  4. My suggestion is, to pair this cleanser with an ultra hydrating moisturiser. Although it says thirsty cleanse, cleanser is meant to clean to it somehow strips off your face a bit of oil. This is a necessary step and the only way to maximise your hydrtaing efforts is to top this with a moisturiser 😉


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