I Know, I Know…

… I disappeared again … and I’m so sorry.

BUT I promise I have a good excuse! I’ve been going through some personal stuff lately and I started a new job that has kept me quite busy and stressed out so I unfortunately my blog got lost a bit in the shuffle 😦

Not to get too personal but I feel like some, if not many, girls will be able to relate to my obstacle lately which has been the horrible horrible horrible side effects of the hormonal birth control pill. This is unfortunately not my first time experiencing these side effects but it was my first time while on this particular brand of pill which was so confusing / terrifying / awful overall since I had been on it for so long with no side effects and I legit could not figure out what was happening to me.

Scary times.

On a positive note though, I have done some super thorough research and am finally on my way toward getting it all together and I can slowly feel myself beginning to feel more like myself which makes me really excited and happy. So I promise that I will get back to posting frequently and will get back to making this blog the best it can possibly be which also makes me really excited and happy.

Ugh guys, this was not a fun past couple of months for me.

During this mini life crisis though, I realized how much I really missed posting and reading all of your posts and just interacting with you all and I can’t wait to dive head first back into the blogging world and chat with you soon! 😀 ❤


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