Favourite Origins Masks

Hello hello all and happy winter!


It is officially winter in Toronto which means dry skin and panic all around. To combat my crazy dry skin I’ve been obsessed with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask which, as is outlined on bottle, is a mask that you are supposed to use overnight. However I have been LOVING it over my daily facial moisturizer, the Avene Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream, as I find that the two products combined keep my face fully hydrated all day while almost giving my skin a glow which I have been obsessed with since I’m always after a good glow.

This mask is amazing as it is thick (who doesn’t love a good, thick cream in the winter) but it doesn’t break me out (I know- SHOCKED) even layered over my Avene moisturizer. It is also full of yummy ingredients such as avocado, apricot kernel oils and Japanese seaweed and leaves my skin plump and hydrated whether I wear it all day or where it at night.

Another Origins mask that I looove and have been using for years is the Origins Out of Trouble Mask. This mask is great because you pop it on for 10 minutes and it fixes any skin issues you are currently experiencing which could be anything from breakouts to dead skin and it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft and refreshed.

I usually use it once a week when I feel like my skin needs a mid-week or end of the week pick-me-up and am always so happy with the results. As someone who suffers from acne, I know that I can always count on this mask to fight my breakouts as well as knowing it is working to prevent any future breakouts. Unlike the Drink-Up Intensive Mask which smells very citrus-y (which I love), this mask smells a bit more medicinal which, to be honest, I also really love because I feel like it is working extra hard and really means business if that makes sense? 😀

What are your favourite Origins masks? Or face masks? I’ve also been really into Korean sheet masks lately and hope to do a post on all of my recent ones very soon! ❤










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