HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! + A Little Beauty Blender Love

Hello all my lovelies! 😀 ❤

I hope you have all been well and have had an amazing holiday season! The holiday season is for sure one of my favourite times of the year with all of the decorations, traditions, dinners, parties and, of course, with making incredible memories with friends and family!

In order to prep for all of the holiday season festivities, I decided to buy another Beauty Blender as my old one was not looking very cute  and I thought it was time for a new one in order to start off my Christmas socializing on a high note!


While the Beauty Blender is not a new obsession for anyone, I thought it would be fun to write a little post about how much I really love it. This sudden rush of love and affection came to me when I opened my new BB and marvelled at its beautiful hot pink colour and perfect contoured edges <3.

The BB is perfect for blending my makeup while also allowing me to build up any makeup while never making me look cakey or flakey or dry. It is also perfect for applying a flawless foundation and concealer base while never interfering with my previous application of my moisturizer or sunscreen which is super important to me. It is really easy to take care of as well which means that it can last you for many makeup applications while never losing its quality or softness which is great for your skin.

The BB is amazing for those times when you accidentally apply too much of a product on your skin and need to blend it out so it looks more natural or when your contour is just a taaaaddd too dark and you need to blend it out for that perfect sculpted cheekbone.

My beautiful little BB has made my makeup application so much easier, quicker, better and just more fun all around and for that – I love my Beauty Blender this holiday season and all year long 😀







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