Newly Purchased: Korean Lip Products

Hello all and happy Saturday! 😀

I have recently purchased two Korean lip products that I have been loving and wanted to share with you. These are the first Korean lip products that I have tried and I was so excited to try them out!


The first product is called I’m Mango Butter: Lip Care Cream and is by the brand Lovely ME:EX and is in the flavour 03. I have to admit that both of the above lip products caught my eye because the packaging is so cute and both of the descriptions on the tubes sounded so appealing 😀 This particular product, for example, is described as both a ‘butter’ and a ‘cream’ which are both appealing words during the winter time as they sound hydrating and nourishing on the lips.

The fact that this lip cream was also mango flavoured sealed the deal for me as I knew it would smell and taste delicious and I was right! It smells exactly like mangos and is so moisturizing on your lips all day which is amazing. The second you apply it, you can feel the lip cream coat your lips with moisture and hydration and just melt right into your lips. It feels like a barrier of moisture is protecting your lips from the cold and wind and snow which for me is exactly what I want my lip cream to do during this time of year 😀

The second lip product I purchased was also by ME:EX and is called BeBe Lip Essence SPF15. I found myself drawn to this product because I have always wanted to try a facial essence and thought that an essence for our lips sounded incredibly intriguing. I have also found that it applies really well over any lip pencil or matte lip stick as well as it adds a lovely shine to your lips without taking away from the previously applied lip colour.

I find that this product lasts than the Mango Butter (maybe though because I am not constantly licking my lips with this as it doesn’t taste as yummy :D) and I also noticed that it made my lips look more plump and full which I now know is due to this product containing both collagen and rose hip oil. The fact that it has SPF in it as well is also something else I really like about this lip product as sun protection for me is always my top priority.

Overall, I am very happy with both lips products and I love that they both keep my lips well hydrated while still adding a wonderful shine to them. I think that the Mango Butter is perfect for applying right before bed as you wake up with super soft lips or when you’re commuting to work in the cold as it is so moisturzing and thick against the elements of the city. I think that the BeBe Essence is perfect throughout the day as it plumps your lips while still hydrating them and acts as both a balm and a lip gloss which is great while you are out and about. Therefore, I have been wearing both products everyday and would absolutely recommend both products should you be looking to try some Korean lip items.

For my Toronto girls, I purchased these products at The Face Shop in the Eaton Centre 😀 ❤


7 thoughts on “Newly Purchased: Korean Lip Products

  1. These sound great! I just got a gift set of Korean skin care I am waiting to try once I finish the current load, now i am even more intrigued! I am a fan of all things mango too so that sounds a winner, especially as I always seem to have chapped lips! xxx


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