Cleansing Oil Review: Shu Uemura


Today I wanted to talk about my new favourite cleansing oil that I have been OBSESSED with for the past couple of months and that would be the Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Cleansing Oil.


I picked up a sample size of this cleansing oil while checking out at Sephora (of course). I grabbed it because I have always wanted to try a Shu Uemura cleansing oil but was iffy about committing to a large bottle in case it didn’t agree with my skin.

Of course, as we all have heard/know, this cleansing turned out to be incredible. It smells so lovely since, as stated on the Shu Uemura website, “papaya, moringa and grean tea extracts are combined for a more powerful removability” and is “balanced to provide a sensation that is refreshing and relaxing by awakening your senses at first touch with a top note of elemi, mandarin and ginger.”

The second I applied it to my skin I could feel it begin to melt away my makeup and deeply cleanse my pores as I rubbed the oil into my skin. The texture of this oil is so smooth and luxurious and it actually makes washing your makeup off so much fun because you can see the makeup leaving your skin as you rinse the oil off.

I always really try and take the time to massage the oil into my face instead of rushing to do so because I feel like this is such a good time to de-stress and unwind from the day and just take a minute to pamper myself and my skin. After using this oil for the past three months, my skin has never been more clear and hasn’t looked this smooth and radiant in awhile.

I, as always with new skincare products, was nervous about this oil breaking me out but this oil has actually caused less breakouts since I started using it. I think because the oil really gets into your pores and washes away all of the impurities and pollution that your skin collects throughout the day, that it leaves you with really supple and clean skin without drying it out.

It must be noted that while this cleansing oil is intended to remove makeup, that you should still use another cleanser afterwards as well just to ensure that all of your makeup is off. I always double cleanse during my nighttime skincare routine just to be sure and have noticed that I can still see makeup leaving my skin even after using this oil.

Overall I would highly recommend purchasing this product if you are looking for a cleansing oil. I purchased the 150ml for $44.00 CD and will for sure be purchasing another bottle when this one is done 😀

XO ❤

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