Japanese Skin Care Game Changer

Hello all! 😀

So before I went to Japan I obviously made a list of all of the beauty products I wanted to buy when I was there and the item at the top of the list was the Cure Natural Aqua Gel. I had first heard about this cleanser when I read an article by Refinery 29 that outlined all of the reasons this product was so amazing and why you would be stupid not to have it.

Therefore, I went to Japan and bought it. And I LOVE it. Not just love it like I’m happy I got it- I LOVE it like it has changed my skin and therefore my life.



Okay so lets start with the basics:

What is it and how does it work?

According to the article by Refinery 29, this product is “technically a face peel which means that it offers a more gentle form of exfoliation than scrubs”. This product’s “particular high water content product made with rosemary, ginkgo, aloe vera, and glycerin, exfoliates the skin gently without using harsh or grainy ingredients.” On top of that it is “also free of preservatives, fragrance, artificial coloring, and alcohol.”


How do you use it and how often do you use it?

After you cleanse your face, apply several pumps of the gel (I normally apply three or four) to your skin and let it sit on your skin for a couple minutes. Soon the clear gel should begin to turn white. Once this happens, start massaging the gel into your skin in circular motions. Prepare to be amazed as you will slowly start to see tiny balls of dead skin appear all over your face. After you have massaged your skin for about a minute, rinse your face with lukewarm water and then prepare to further amazed when you dry your face and see an insanely brighter and smoother complexion.

I personally use it only once a week as my skin is really sensitive. My skin is also acne prone so I like to alternate with an acne exfoliator on Sundays and then use this on Wednesdays followed by a sheet mask and then my regular moisturizing routine.

How has this changed my skin?

I knew this cleanser must been amazing as one is sold every twelve seconds in Japan but I never thought it would dramatically change my skin in so many ways. My complexion is brighter, smoother, more even-toned, has less discolouration and is 99% blemish free. It has even made me consider going makeup-free some days which is something I’ve never done and makes my daily makeup look amazing.

So why do I credit this cleanser for doing this to my skin? Because this is the only product I have added to my skin care regime in months. It is really that good and is such a game changer for me. Ever since I started using this, I look in the mirror and am actually stunned that my skin looks as good as it does. And that is a feeling I have never, ever experienced before.

XO ❤

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