Another Japan Beauty Treasure!

Is this not the CUTEST little blush you’ve ever seen?! Of course it is because I got it in Japan and because everything in Japan was so cute and perfect- just like this blush. Ladies (and gentlemen) let me introduce you to another beauty treasure from Japan- the Canmake Cream Cheek! 😀



I had heard about this product from the one and only Jenna Lyons as she mentioned this blush in an Into The Gloss article where she is quoted as saying this blush is a “treasure”. And I must say that I totally agree. ❤


First of all, its super tiny which makes it easy to travel with and makes it easy to buy every single shade they have available (wink wink). This also means it will also fit into any purse, makeup bag and/or wallet that you may have because it is so compact which is perfect for day to day use.

Secondly, the colour pay off is amazing. The colour is super pigmented without looking chalky or flaky. It is a gel-like consistency that really melts into your skin upon application for a dewy finish. This allows you to dab on a small amount for a sheer, natural look or to build up the colour for a more intense look.


Thirdly, it doesn’t break me out which is always a huge bonus and it lasts ALL DAY. I have never had to reapply this blush once while wearing it through a 10+ hour work day.

And lastly, there is a wide variety of beautiful shades to choose from. I bought the shade 13 Love Peach but they have six other shades that I also need to purchase after falling in love with this colour.

XO ❤

3 thoughts on “Another Japan Beauty Treasure!

  1. Everyone have been raving about Korean and Japan Beauty so I can’t imagine this. This blush looks so pretty; I can see myself that if I had this i will never touch it! Lol. Nice review


    1. Hahaha doesn’t it look so perfect and smooth when its new?! Not going to lie- I shed a slight tear the first time I used it and ruined its perfect surface 😦 Thanks for stopping by! xx


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