Falling In Love With Tocca

My hunt for a new perfume has finally ended! Whew. I honestly feel like I have been searching for a new perfume that I love for months now and it has been driving me crazy that I have gone this long without wearing anything!

To be honest, I had never heard of Tocca before I came across an article while researching perfume and happened to read a review that mentioned that Tocca Colette smells very, very similar to Byredo’s Gypsy Water.

Intrigued, I began to read more about Tocca and realized that Sephora carries it. From the Tocca website I was initially looking to go and try out Margaux as it sounded very similar to my usual go-to perfume which is Tom Ford Black Orchid.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to track that puppy down at Sephora so I gave Colette a go since I recalled the Gypsy Water comparison and guys- it’s sooooo good. ❤


The Tocca website outlines each Tocca perfume as each being a different “girl”. Colette, for example, is:

Spicy. Mysterious. Seductive.

Inspired by the Parisian novelist, Colette captures the mystery and bohemian spirit of 1940’s Paris.

Parisian? Yes please. Mystery and bohemian spirit? Done. Seductive? Sold.


If you are someone who likes sweet or really floral perfumes this may not be the perfume for you. But if you like deeper, spicier scents then you will love this. It for sure isn’t as intense or as rich as Black Orchid but I think it is a good spring/summer version of a similar scent. The floral and citrus notes are noticeable during the first few seconds of application but then it fades into a more amber-incense-musk fragrance which is just heaven. Colette is for sure one of those perfumes that smells so differently on your skin as opposed to a spritz in the air as it just gets better and better the longer you wear it.

I also find the staying power to be really good as I put it on every morning and am still receiving compliments by the end of the day. For me, it is one of those perfumes that when I catch a whiff of it throughout the day, it really makes me smile and feel happy 😀

In regards to the comparison to Byredo Gypsy Water, here are the notes for Gypsy Water:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Lemon and Pepper

Middle Notes: Incense, Orris, Pine Needles

Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla

And here are the notes for Colette:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Juniper Berry, Pink Peppercorn

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Violet, Cyclamen

Base Notes: Incense, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Cedarwood

** I have put all of the identical notes in bold for comparison **

You can purchase Tocca Colette at Sephora for $86.00 CAD plus tax for the 50ml bottle ❤


14 thoughts on “Falling In Love With Tocca

    1. Ugh that’s the worst! I know that one of my friends experienced the same thing with a different Tocca fragrance. I wonder if some people’s skin just reacts better to their scents and holds the scent longer than others 😦

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      1. Oooo that one is nice! I made sure that I walked around wearing a spritz of Colette before I went back to buy it just to see how long it would last, how it would smell on me, etc. I also took home one of the little tabs that you can spray the perfume on and kept smelling it all night to make sure I liked it and how it evolved throughout the night and next day.

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      2. I have this same problem re lasting power! Florence is my favorite because it smells like Central Park South from bond which I also love but is much more expensive… however given the lasting power maybe bond is worth the hefty price tag after all :/

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