Recent Beauty Products I Won’t Be Repurchasing

Testing out new beauty products is one of my favourite hobbies (obviously) and its never fun for anyone when you get a new product you’re excited about and end up not falling in love with it. Below are a few products I purchased recently that I didn’t end up loving and will unfortunately not be repurchasing again 😦


Product: Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil

Product Details:Β This potent skin-resurfacing formula is enriched with salicylic acid and vitamins C and E cushioned in eight silky plant oilsβ€”including cranberry seed, sage, and pomegranate β€”to release dull, dead surface cells. While the relaxing aromas of neroli, valerian, and vanilla to help lull you to sleep, radiance is restored and skin awakens smoother, rehydrated, and vibrant.

Thoughts: I mean the above product outline sounds amazing doesn’t it? I really, really wanted to love this after reading what this product was formulated to do but unfortunately I just didn’t feel like it did anything to my skin. It smells really good and the applicator is really easy to use but that’s about it for me on this one. My skin didn’t look any different then it normally did afterΒ consistently using this oil until the bottle was finished.


Product: Pixi Skintreats Hydrating Milky Mist with Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat

Product Details: Featherlight mist-on moisturizer that provides a surge of hydration with hyaluronic acid to plump skin by trapping moisture. Added black oat with provitamin A, linoleic acid, and vitamins B1, B2 & B6 make it the ultimate remedy for thirsty skin.

Thoughts: I was super pumped (…perhaps a mist joke? Ha ha?) when I saw this little guy peaking out at me on the shelf because who doesn’t want to hydrate their skin with a MILKY MIST?! It sounded too good to be true and it was. It feels amazing to spritz on because it goes on super lightly and it is crazy refreshing but it didn’t really make a difference for how moisturized my skin looked or felt. I came to realize that I was just continuing to use this product because it was fun to apply and it smells really good but that for me isn’t enough reason to repurchase this mist.
Β IMG_1015

Product: Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Show StoppingΒ Heavenly Volume

Product Details: This multi-tasking product refreshes your locks and gives hair that gorgeous, touchable bounce you love. The perfect product for anyone who loves a boost of volume that smells divine. And like all things heavenly it won’t leave your hair sticky or stiff.

Β Thoughts: Ok, I just don’t get the big deal with Batiste. I know everyone seems to swear by their dry shampoos but literally every time I buy one I end up not liking them. This one in particular made my hair super sticky, hard and stiff. I thought I would give Batiste another try because this product was on sale and the description sounded like everything I could ever want for my hair. But alas, no dice my friends.


Product: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Product Details: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser for all skin types is an extra-gentle gel cleanser that instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup – even mascara – without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

Thoughts: So this is one I went back and forth with a lot about adding to this list because I don’t dislike it … But I also know I won’t repurchase it because I don’t really like it either. I almost feel like because it is so gentle that I feel like it’s not giving me the satisfaction I want from knowing my cleanser is working hard to clean my skin if that makes sense? My skin just felt super average after I used it and looked just okay but not great enough where I wanted to keep using this cleanser.Β I certainly am happy that I purchased this because I had heard many wonderful things about this little cutie. But in the end I can’t say the connection was there for us and I can’t see myself repurchasing it in the near future.

Have you guys bought any beauty products recently that you just know you won’t be repurchasing again?



57 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Products I Won’t Be Repurchasing

    1. Hahaha right?! I’m hungover today and was like meh, I’ll give the Batiste another shot because I’m too lazy to shower…. But now I dislike it more than ever hahahha 😦


    1. Ugh I know! I really wanted to love it! I would try it out though since it is so reasonably priced and I know some people really end up loving it πŸ˜€ and ahhh yes! I love that rose water! Lately I have been using the Heritage Store Rose Water Spray instead though because the bottle is bigger and its around the same price ❀ xx

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      1. Go for it! I know I will still continue to purchase their other products even though I didn’t like this particular one. And it’s so good! You should for sure try it πŸ˜€ xx

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  1. I’ve realised with Batiste to never try the dry shampoos that talk about extra volume. They make my hair feel DIRTIER. The one for brunette hair did the same, as did the one to make your hair feel shinier.
    I use the regular scented ones (cherry or the leopard print one are my favs), shake the can well and only mist into my hair where I need it, and from a distance. I then go on to do some makeup or get dressed etc, and after about 5-10min I’ll massage my scalp and then brush through – no residue is left in my dark hair then, and my hair feels better and looks clean!

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    1. Oooo those are all really good tips! Maybe when I’m feeling brave enough again I’ll give Batiste another shot lol. I have tried the regular one in the past and still wasn’t a fan but your method sounds amazing. Thank you!! ❀ xx


    1. Awh thank you! I love honest posts as well. They are the best when you’re looking to purchase a product and really want authentic feedback πŸ˜€ I have tried the regular one and it wasn’t as bad as this version but I can’t say I liked it either. I think Batiste and I just aren’t meant to be 😦

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    1. I typically love Origins products, especially their face masks, but for some reason this particular product was just what you described 😦 Which Origins products did you try that you didn’t love? ❀


      1. Ugh thats the worst! Well if you’re ever in the market for face mask, their clearing charcoal one as well as their 10 minute out of trouble mask and their moisturizing overnight mask are all really good! I’ve been using all 3 for years and have always seen really good results πŸ˜€ xx

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  2. Aww, what a bummer about the mist! I’d like to try all four of their mists, but this is the one I’m most looking forward to. I hate when you’re so excited to try a product & it turns out disappointing. Great post! 😊

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  3. I don’t like Batiste either. I have the same one that you tried and I’ve been trying to work my way through it for months now but every time I try it, it makes my hair feel horrid! xx

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  4. Not something I bought, but got as a deluxe sample. The Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer. I was super excited to try it because I’ve been looking at adding a Vit C product into my routine, but kinda how you felt about the Fresh cleanser. I just didn’t really have a strong feeling one way or the other. Good to know about the rest of these products though!

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    1. Awh that’s too bad you didn’t love it! Have you tried any of the other Sunday Riley products? πŸ˜€

      Speaking of Vitamin C, I recently just bought the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum which is a vitamin C serum and its amazing! I bought it because I also wanted a vitamin C product in my skincare routine and I’ve been really loving it so far.


      1. I got a small sample of Good Genes in a Birchbox a while back. It made my skin’s tone/texture look better, but I think it broke me out. I’ve definitely been thinking about getting a bigger sample to try again.

        I was actually just looking at that the other day! Glad to hear you like it. Might have to pick up a sample of that too. Have you heard anything, or have thoughts, about the Drunk Elephant C-Firma? It seems to be getting a ton of hype haha


      2. Oh interesting- I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about Good Genes but despite that I also really want to try it for myself!

        Do you break out easily? I know I totally do but I am happy to report that the Truth Serum hasn’t broken me out once in the 3 weeks I have been using it. I would for sure get a sample if you can πŸ˜€

        I have heard a lot of good things about Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum but I personally haven’t tried any of their products. I think their Intensive Hydration Gel might be my first purchase from them now that I found a serum I really like.


      3. Yeah, my skin is definitely acne prone. It’s come back with vengeance recently, sadly. I was on accutane in middle school, so that’s good to hear about the Truth Serum.

        Definitely need to do some more research all around!


      1. Klorane Dry Shampoo is my favourite because it always makes my hair look and feel amazing. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive because I can go through it so fast if I’m not careful hahha

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