HUGE Face Shop Sheet Mask Haul

Guys, I LOVE Korean beauty products. Therefore, I LOVE The Face Shop.

For those of you that are not familiar, The Face Shop is a Korean beauty store selling everything from makeup to skincare to makeup brushes and even hand and foot masks.

With amazing prices and a crazy selection of products, I happen to spend a lot of time here picking up products I love and also searching for new products I would like to try. I am still determined to have perfect skin like a K-Pop star which basically means my search will be never ending.

One of my favourite deals that The Face Shop does is being able to purchase 10 sheet masks PLUS 5 free ones with each of the sheet masks you are purchasing being ALL UNDER $5.00!!!! PLUS YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH MASKS FROM DIFFERENT BRANDS!!!!

I know.

It’s amazing. Truly the best deal of all time.

So since I was running low on sheet masks, I stopped by The Face Shop and for only $36.00 (!!!!!!) I got:

The Solution: Radiance Face Mask


The Solution: Hydrating Face Mask (x2)


The Solution: Nourishing Face Mask


The Solution: Moisturizing Face Mask


Real Nature Rice Face Mask


Real Nature Aloe Face Mask


Real Nature Acai Berry Face Mask


Real Nature Shea Butter Face Mask


Real Nature Honey Face Mask


Real Nature Blueberry Face Mask


Real Nature Avocado Face Mask


Real Nature Pomegranate Face Mask


Real Nature Kelp Face Mask


Real Nature Lemon Face Mask


I have never used any sheet masks by the brand The Solution before so I thought I would pick a few of those up and try them out.

(Ed. Note: I wore their Hydrating Mask while editing this post and it was SO GOOD. The amount of essence on this face mask was insane. It was such a generous amount and I could literally feel it soaking into my skin. After wearing it for about 20 minutes, I removed the mask and my skin was so soft, so glowy, so hydrated and so plump. I will absolutely be purchasing this mask again.)

Real Nature has been a brand that I have used for years and I really love their sheet masks. I always get a bunch of them when I grab some because they have so many different kinds and each one does something different for your skin. I find these masks to be wonderful quality, especially for their price, and I always noticed a huge difference in my skin after I use one.

As someone who is always looking to save money whenever I can, I know I will forever be returning to The Face Shop to stock up on sheet masks when I need them. They also have quite a few skincare products I really want to try as well so if anyone has any good recommendations let me know 😀 😀 😀






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