#GenBeauty Toronto Gift Bag Review #1: Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30

Number of Times Used: 3 days in the morning in place of my current everyday facial moisturizer which is the Avene Clean-Ac Hydrating Cream

Description: Essential daily moisturizer with White Tea, Soy Proteins and Algae Extracts offers superior full-spectrum sun protection without a white tint. This lightweight, nourishing formula pampers & protects against premature aging caused by the sun’s rays for healthy, smooth & soft skin.


Instructions: After cleansing skin, apply liberally on face, neck, chest & shoulders.  The most effective use is 30 minutes before sun exposure.


Rating: 1/10

Thoughts: Initially I was super excited about this product as I really liked that it had SPF and I loved the way it felt when I was applying it to my skin. Upon application it felt very silky and smooth so I thought my skin might feel the same way after it sunk it. Unfortunately, it made my skin burn … a lot. When I looked in the mirror my skin was super red and looked extremely irritated which was not a great start but I thought maybe my skin was just having a sassy day so I carried on with my makeup.

My hopes began to rise again because I really enjoyed the canvas it had created for my base makeup as my makeup went on very smoothly and evenly which made me happy. My skin looked bright and glowy and I was actually quite impressed and ready to forgive the burning sensation it had caused. I left the house thinking I had found a great base for my makeup only to realize upon my arrival at work that my face looked SO GREASY.

I am the first to admit I have oily skin – always have, always will. I am very aware of this. This was beyond the normal ‘morning dew’ I have after my commute to work. It literally looked like I had heavily misted my face with water. Not cute. So I blotted my way through the day, even though this didn’t help much, only to realize around 4:00pm that now my face looked greasy AND dry … somehow. Cue all of the dry patches including some I didn’t know I had. By the time I got home my face makeup looked so awful that I had to redo my whole base before I went out that night.

I tried to use it again twice more before realizing that we just weren’t going to get along. This made me sad as I genuinely wanted to love it especially since this was my first product review from my #GenBeautybag of goodies and I wanted to start off with a positive review.

Now, to be fair, the bottle does say for “normal, dry, sensitive skin”. The only category I fall into on that list is sensitive so I honestly wouldn’t have purchased this product had it not been given to me. I think that if you did have normal or dry skin that you would have much better results than oily little me. Therefore, don’t let this discourage you! It was a wonderful base for my makeup until my skin figured out what was up and wasn’t having any of it.

If you do try this moisturizer, please let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from others who have tried it 😀 ❤







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