Long Haul Flight Essentials

With my upcoming trip to Hong Kong getting closer and closer (so excited!!!!), I have started to think about what items I want to take with me on my 14 hour flight. I found myself comparing my new list with the items I took with me on my flight to Tokyo last year and realized that my essentials really haven’t changed that much. Besides my cherished, tried-and-true travel beauty products (which you can read about here) I also need to have:

Cozy Pants

Being cozy and comfy is my number one goal when I’m flying especially because I (like everyone) are always FREEZING on planes. Cue some cozy pants that I can sleep and lounge in for the flight. I like to wear joggers that are flattering yet loose so I can still look cute and put together when I land. The joggers I always fly in are a super old pair from a Toronto boutique called Nomad that have held up so well over many flights but unfortunately are not available online anymore.


Lunya Siro Drapped Jogger – $118.00


Nike Women’s Fleece Pants – $60.00


Romwe Side Striped Drawstring Waist Pants – $11.99

Super Soft Shirt

Another level of cozy! If you haven’t guessed by now, I am forever trying my hardest to get the closest I can to making it feel like I’m in my pajamas but while still looking presentable. I love Muji long sleeve shirts since they are really soft and come in so many styles and colours. I have a black, over-sized men’s long sleeve Muji shirt that I wear on all of my flights and it has just gotten more and more soft every time I wear it.

Oversized Hoodie

Okay so this one is both for comfort and for the fact that I am a huge germophobe. I mean its just always cozy to snuggle down in a hoodie while you’re sleeping and watching TV but I also NEED that hood so that my head doesn’t touch the seat. Maybe I’m weird for that bothering me? I don’t know- but I do know that I need it.  Plus a hoodie is also perfect for throwing on should I just need that little bit of extra warmth. I stole my boyfriend’s Rag & Bone hoodie years ago and it has become my go-to for travelling.


New Look Oversized Hoodie – $22.99IMG_7825

I. AM. GIA Striker Hoodie – $110.00


& Other Stories Oversized Sweatshirt – $18.00 (SALE)

Comfy Socks

As a true Canadian girl, I always wear my Roots socks flights because they’re super warm and you can roll them down or pull them high if you want your calves covered as well. I always bring an extra pair in my carry on as well in case the pair I’m wearing gets wet or torn at any point.

Blanket Scarf

Does anything beat a blanket scarf? I know they’re basic AF but they’re also amazing for travelling. It’s the hug I need when my boyfriend has fallen asleep before we even take off and I can’t nervously ramble to him for the next 10+hours. I love my Zara one aka the one everyone had circa 2014 but it is so soft and so big that I don’t even care if eight other girls on my flight also have the same one.


Zara Maxi Checked Scarf -$39.90


Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Blanket Scarf – $85.00


Urban Outfitters Brushed Woven Blanket Scarf – $34.00

Feminine Care Products + Pantie Liners

Is this weird to mention? Perhaps but let’s be real – the last thing any girl wants is to be mid-air and have something go down and not be prepared. Period. ( 😉 ) Also, this pantie liner trick changed my LIFE. Think about it- if you’re travelling for almost 24 hours you don’t want to be sitting in the same undies the whole time because that’s gross. With a liner you can just change it whenever you want and you’ll feel so fresh. Plus, they’re so small they take up like zero room and you don’t have to take everything off to replace it. DO IT.

Lavender Oil

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most relaxed flier in the world. What scares me the most is not the height or the fear of crashing but my overall HATRED of being stuck in small, confined spaces. Especially for long haul flights. I overthink the shit out of it and then freak myself out more to the point that I’m afraid I’m going to have a panic attack and then this scares me even more. You know, the usual. Cue my Now lavender oil! The smell of lavender relaxes me like nothing else. So much so that I use it every single night before bed to help me feel instantly sleepy and relaxed. As you can guess, I can’t fly without this bad boy.

IMG_7839Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil – $22.00


Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist – $27.81

IMG_7840Saje Lavender High Grade 100% Pure Essential Order – $42.95

Lavender Hand Cream

Like the above but in hand cream form with my personal favourite being from L’Occitane. This particular formula is thick and feels so luxurious to apply. It makes my skin baby soft and keeps them moisturized no matter how long my flight is.

Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Wipes

Hand sanitizer is so key on airplanes since you’re literally sharing such a small space with so many people. Not to mention everything you touch in the airport just trying to get to the airplane. Wet One Wipes (or any antibacterial wipes but these are my favourite) are the next thing I touch after dousing my hands in sanitizer. I immediately wipe down everything in my surrounding area including the overhead lights just to make my little home for the next little while seem more fresh and clean. If any of you guys watch RHOBH, I am LITERALLY Lisa Rinna when she gets to a hotel room and frantically wipes down her whole room.

FullSizeRenderThe Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray – $5.95


EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes – $13.99FullSizeRender

Mad Beauty Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer – $2.99

Emergen – C Packs

I always make sure to pack one of these babies to help me combat my chance of getting sick and to keep my immune system in top shape. I love to throw an Emergen-C pack into my water bottle, shake it up and drink it throughout the flight. Packed with vitamin C, electrolytes and B vitamins, I always feel healthier when I drink this during the flight.

Water Bottle

I refuse to drink tap water from the airplane. Plane (ha ha) and simple. I read a Vice article about how bad it can be for you and haven’t even considered it since. Therefore I always bring my S’well water bottle and fill it up before the flight. These bottles are amazing because they keep your water cold for hours, never leak and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. I also buy an additional water bottle at the airport and throw it in my bag as a backup so I can make sure I’m hydrated at all times.

FullSizeRenderSoma Glass Water Bottle – $30.00FullSizeRenderKlean Kanteen Classic 27oz. Water Bottle – $20.95


bkr Tutu 500 ml Water Bottle – $35.00

Phone and Phone Charger

I don’t think I need to explain the importance of having your phone with you at all times while travelling. IT IS SO IMPORTANT. Equally important is the charger. Don’t sleep on the charger people. The worst is getting to your destination and getting stuck at the airport because your phone is dead or, even worse, getting into a situation where you need help and can’t use your phone.

Laptop + Headphones

One thing I do love about flying is how much work I get done since there’s not much else to do and nothing to really distract me. I also always make sure to download movies and some of my favourite TV shows (aka Friends aka the best show ever) just in case the selection on the plane doesn’t peak my interest.FullSizeRender

Beats by Dre SoloWireless Headphones – $329.95IMG_7885Urbanista Seattle Rose Gold Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – $149.99FullSizeRenderHappy Plugs In-Ear White Marble Headphones – $34.99

Advil + Gravol

I think Advil is good to have on hand when you’re travelling at all times but especially when you’re stuck on a plane and can’t get to a store. Headaches, toothaches, backache … any ache in the book could happen when your crammed into your seat for 10+ hours and you’ll be so happy you packed some should a pain strike. Gravol + lavender oil = SLEEP. Literally, the only way I can sleep on a plane. I take two Gravol and a whiff of my trusty lavender oil and I am out like a light.

A Pen

Having a pen on my carry on bag has saved me so many times. I have used it to fill out customs documents, to write down ideas in my notebook, to update my day planner, to play word puzzles etc. Nothing is more annoying than having needing something to write with and not having anything.

IMG_7895Tiffany T-Clip Ballpoint Pen – $170.00


Pop Funk Gel Ink Pen Set – $9.83FullSizeRenderAlley Muse Glitterfall Pens – $12.00

Extra Contact Lens + Contact Solution

As someone with a really bad astigmatism I absolutely need another contact lens just in case something happens to the one I have in. That’s right- I only wear one lens. I also like to change it during the flight because it can get so dry from the air and I think it just keeps my eye healthier overall 🙂


Cold hard cash baby! My mom taught me this years ago and she was right (as moms always are) – having money on me while travelling has saved me in so many situations. You never know if you’re credit card will work in the country you’re visiting so it’s always good to have some money on you just in case. I also find it so helpful too when you want to tip (if acceptable in that country) all of the wonderful people that work so hard to make your journey safe and comfortable.

(No picture for this one because that’s just weird lol.)




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