New $5.00 Mascara Obsession (!!!!!!)

Okay so- last week one of my best friends told me about this Reddit thread surrounding the Essence Lash Princess mascara:

Obviously, as you can guess, we FREAKED out and decided we needed it immediately. Except it seemed as though every single person had also been alerted of this thread because everywhere we went it was sold out. I’m not kidding. We both went to multiple drugstores around Toronto and it was nowhere to be found. Panic set in fast and heavy.


Luckily, I found two left and bought them both for us. And guys, this mascara is AMAZING. It literally makes your eyelashes look like the girl’s above. It gives you length, volume and thickness all for $5.00 (insert praying hands/crying face emoji here).


This mascara can also look really natural with just one or two coats. I found that three coats immediately elevates it to a more dramatic look and four coats looks like the above picture. You have to be careful though because it can go from gorgeous, full and dramatic to spidery, thin and clumpy within a coat so apply accordingly ๐Ÿ˜€


Overall, you NEED this mascara in your life. It is so affordable and works so so so well. Every time I wear this bad boy I got so many compliments and questions about what mascara I’m using or if these are actually my lashes. It has easily become one of my top mascaras and I will definitely be repurchasing it. Good luck hunting! โค


17 thoughts on “New $5.00 Mascara Obsession (!!!!!!)

  1. I’m in love with the Essence purple mascara!!! It makes my lashes look so beautiful and eye-catching. That is truly my favorite mascara by far!! The green princess lash is horrible! Clumped my lashes together and the formula was watery!. I would not recommend it to my friends at all!


  2. This is literally my all time favourite mascara! I recently purchased the sculpted volume version, with the purple lid and that is amazing too!


  3. Omg I stumbled across this mascara out of desperation in Dubai and Iโ€™ve never looked back! It beats any mascara Iโ€™ve tried before and the compliments I get when I wear this essence mascara is crazy lol! Iโ€™m definitely obsessed and itโ€™s like 10 dirhams here which is roughly ยฃ2!


    1. Omg that’s amazing! I didn’t even know essence was sold in Dubai! Totally agree though- so obsessed and the compliments I get are crazy ๐Ÿ™ˆโค๏ธ


  4. I’ve heard lots of good things about their mascaras I can’t wait to try them but I have so many I need to use up as well! LOL Perhaps I’ll buy it in an online haul over the weekend and keep it unopened until I’m ready haha


  5. My friend also raves about this particular mascara. I have tried some of their other ones and they have flaked all over my face. But I havenโ€™t tried the one with the blue writing yet!


    1. This is the first one of their mascaras that I’ve tried and I haven’t had any flaking which has been amazing ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ I would for sure recommend checking it out especially for how affordable it is ๐Ÿ’•

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