Back In Action

Well hello there! I am back in action after my Spring / Summer hiatus and I couldn’t be more excited πŸ˜€

Why did I take such a long break you ask? Honestly, I just needed a break to become inspired again. I felt like my blog was starting to look like every other blog out there and that I wasn’t really excited about creating anything anymore. This is completely my fault since I felt like I was conforming to the aesthetic of others without being true to what I wanted. I kept thinking about my blog in the back of my mind all of these months and woke up today excited to jump back in!

I can’t believe Autumn is upon us once again and, as always, am so surprised with how fast Spring and Summer flew by. I made so many wonderful memories and had such amazing experiences during this time and I can’t wait to tell you guys about everything I got up to!

Talk to you soon ❀



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