An Afternoon With Dior

I spent Saturday afternoon entwined in the absolutely beautiful and magical world of Christian Dior and it was AMAZING. ❤


I feel like every fashion girl in Toronto has been beyond excited for the opening of the Christian Dior exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in celebration of the House of Dior’s 70th anniversary. As someone who has seen the film Dior and I at least 100 times, I was thrilled to be able to visit this exhibit and soak up everything Dior.


The exhibit was put on by Holt Renfrew and focuses on Dior’s stunning haute couture creations in Paris after World War II from 1947 to 1957. The second we walked in my breath was taken away by the sheer beauty of each of the 38 dresses on display.


No matter how simple it looked upon first glance, upon closer inspection each dress had the incredibly ornate details such as gorgeous patterns, sequins, beads, embroidery, and unique textiles that helped make Christian Dior such an iconic fashion house.


It was so interesting to see how the designs changed throughout the years and how fashion has evolved over time and through major historical events such as World War II. Even just walking around and listening to older women speaking about their own memories with similar pieces they wore in their youth was such a wonderful and educational insight into the past and into the history of fashion. Hearing authentic stories like that really remind me how fashion can really impact your memories and remind you of so many moments from your past that are truly so special and irreplaceable.


Spending my afternoon here was such a fun, girly escape into a fashion fantasy land and I loved every second. If you would also like to dive into the world of Dior for the afternoon, the ROM is displaying this exhibit until March 18, 2018 😀




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