Empties + Product Reviews!

I took a look in my empties box last night and was getting FULL. So, I thought I would give a little run down of some of the products that I have loved enough to use until the very end. I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I finish a product especially since I am constantly buying and testing out new ones so frequently 😀


First up, is my trusty Avene Thermal Spring Water. If you ever gone into the depths of my blog, you will know that I looooove this thermal water and have used it forever (you can read me professing my love here). It is soothing, refreshing  and just all around a wonderful product that I use every single day. I love it on no-makeup days to calm down any redness I may be experiencing and I love to spritz it on my face before I apply my moisturizer to soothe my skin from washing it with Toronto tap water. I have never found a thermal water that I like better and will forever be repurchasing this angel mist.


Next up, is the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water. I also use this product everyday to take off my eye makeup before washing my face and also after washing my face to ensure that every speck of makeup is off my skin. It is insanely gentle and has never irritated my sensitive skin or eyes. My skin feels so fresh and clean after I use this and I love how large the bottle is as I know it will always last a long time. This little guy will never not be on my beauty counter as a staple in my skincare routine.


Coming up next, we have the RMS Living Luminizer. As you can tell from the picture, this product is very well loved and has clearly come with me everywhere since I bought it over a year ago. I am actually very surprised about long this little pot lasted me especially since I love a good dose of daily highlighter and this one is so amazing. But you really only need a little bit to achieve a perfect, sheer, lit-from-within glow. Compared to a lot of other popular highlighters, this one is subtle and natural but still looks gorgeous when light hits your face. I love how fresh and alive it makes my face look and I’m so excited to go and purchase another one ASAP.


In the sheet mask department, I have just finished a pack of the LuLuLun Precious Sheet Masks in White that I picked while we were in Tokyo. After researching what all of the different coloured packaging meant, (these masks come in A LOT of variations – helpful guide to that here), I realized that the Precious line was actually for women who were looking to fight the signs of aging. While I’m not quite in that stage of my life yet, I did like that these masks were also for evening out your skin and for helping to brighten your skin. I found that the masks fit my face much better than most sheet masks do and I love how soaked in essence they were as my skin felt so smooth and had such a glow to it afterward. Once I can track down where to repurchase these, I will for sure be ordering more and also trying some of their other sheet masks as well.


I also finished up another bottle of my favourite facial oil, the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light. I have used this gem for the last 3 years every single night before bed and it has done incredible things for my skin. It has calmed my acne down substantially and has drastically improved any dryness I used to experience on my face. Every morning I wake up with glowing, healthy looking skin and I love knowing that this product is all natural and free of harsh chemicals. Plus, I have realized that it has helped my eyebrows grow tremendously since I started putting some oil on them before bed (!!!). I absolutely NEED to go and pick up another bottle tomorrow as I cannot possibly go another night without using it.


On the supplement front, I just finished another bottle of Jamieson Magnesium 100mg. I started taking these cuties when I had severe anxiety last year due to stopping my birth control pill (long story). I had been reading a bunch of forums on how to combat the negative side effects of coming off of the pill and came across many women saying that magnesium helped a lot with their anxiety. I take one tablet once a day in the morning with the rest of my supplements and I have noticed that my anxiety levels have decreased a ton. I feel much more relaxed and ready to tackle any problems that may arise throughout the day without any accompanying panic or worry. Since my mental health will always be my top priority, I will continue to repurchase my magnesium as needed.


And finally, I have finished a whole bottle of the Olay Ultra Moisture Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash. Ugh, this smells SO GOOD. It is like bathing yourself in vanilla icing and then rinsing it off and being the softest you’ve ever been. My skin felt like silk after and smelled heavenly. I was so excited to get to this part of my shower routine because I loved using it so much as it felt so luxurious and relaxing. I can see myself using this all summer when I can finally take all of my winter layers off and let the sun hit my soft skin.



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